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Study Skills

Organization, work habits and study skills are all key elements of executive functioning which are often areas of difficulty for students with learning differences.  Many of our students come to us with a history of frustration when it comes to completing work on a timely basis, keeping track of assignments and maintaining a reasonably organized backpack.  The development of study and organizational skills are a top priority at Westview. The teaching of these skills is regularly infused into classroom instruction at every level.   Along with course content, students are taught how to organize materials, manage their time, take notes, attend to lectures, and prepare for tests. In addition, weekly counseling sessions may be used to support students in improving these executive functioning skills.   This “hands on” approach is one of the key factors in our instructional program.

Our goal is to prepare our students to function independently after high school graduation.  We believe that the ability to complete homework and long-term projects on a timely basis is an essential part of realizing that goal.  We also recognize the importance of helping our students to develop the ability to work on tasks independently outside of the school environment.   The schoolwide use of daily planners, classroom instruction, and our reward system are all utilized to guide and motivate students to complete their homework assignments. We understand the effort that it takes some kids to complete their homework and seek to support them in every way possible.