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Independent Study

Westview's Special Education Independent Study Program is designed to help students focus on academic responsibilities and achieve graduation goals by giving them one-to-one support while accommodating special circumstances. Our program benefits students who need a limited social setting, along with a flexible schedule to meet their individual emotional and educational needs. All coursework follows the district curriculum and students are supported to meet graduation requirements in order to earn a high school diploma.

Independent study is not for all students; it requires basic academic skills and a high level of commitment and motivation. Students are responsible for completing the majority of coursework outside of the school setting. They meet with their teacher 2-3 times per week for two hour blocks. During that time, the teacher works one-to-one with the student to review coursework, give new assignments and discuss transition goals. Students are encouraged and guided to find outside programs/jobs/schools that meet their interests and needs.

Westview's specialized independent study program approaches each student as a unique individual with a wide variety of strengths and challenges, as well as a range of academic, career, and personal goals. These factors are taken into consideration when the teacher creates each student’s distinctive curriculum.