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College Counseling

College counseling at Westview adheres to the school’s overall philosophy of individualized attention and focuses on helping each student succeed by capitalizing on their unique strengths and interests. The college counselor collaborates with students and their parents to find the most appropriate post-secondary placement.

The vast majority of Westview students matriculate directly to institutions of higher learning after graduation. Some enroll immediately in four-year colleges or universities while others begin their post high school education at a two-year or community college.

Westview is proud to offer the web-based college and career exploration tool to all of its students.

Our college counselor is available for consultation by telephone or in person for Westview students and parents at any time during a student’s high school years. Comprehensive counseling typically begins in the junior year. The counselor meets one-on-one with students and parents to start exploration of the student’s goals, strengths and needs. Over the course of the junior year, students are escorted on tours of local college campuses and they attend the Greater Los Angeles National College Fair. Admissions representatives from various colleges also visit the Westview campus. Juniors who are considering applying to four year colleges are encouraged to take the on-campus administration of the PSAT in October and to take the SAT and/or ACT in the late spring.

By the beginning of the senior year, students and parents use the information gleaned from the junior year of self-reflection and research to develop a list of appropriate colleges or programs to which they will apply. Our counselor assists them in this application process and runs application workshops as necessary.

With the start of the new school year, our college counselor begins supporting senior students with the application process, including assisting the student in obtaining letters of recommendation, and ensures that all relevant documents are submitted to the colleges and universities in a timely fashion. We strongly encourage students to take the initiative in organizing and completing the applications. According to the research done by the University of Arizona SALT program, the ability or inability to manage this process independently is a reliable indicator of a student’s likelihood of success or failure in a four-year college directly after high school graduation.

In the spring of senior year, students must choose between their acceptances and commit to a post-secondary college or program. Although the counselor makes recommendations based on each student’s personal and academic readiness, it is ultimately the family’s responsibility to choose which path they feel is best for their student.