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Important News about Westview School

As our doors close, new ones open

Westview is making an important change. At the end of this semester, on June 12th, Westview School will be closing its operations. On July 7th, a new program, which will still be called Westview, will open on The Help Group’s Culver City campus.

Over the past few years our current building has become increasingly difficult to manage financially. In order to guarantee the long-term survival of our program, the Board of Directors explored several options to ensure that the needs of our students would continue to be well met. From those discussions, the decision was made to approach The Help Group regarding relocation of our program. Given the similarity in missions, The Help Group agreed to expand its programs and create a school to serve Westview students.

Reflecting upon our roots, Westview School has grown exponentially since its inception in 1990 with only 50 students. Our vision of a positive, supportive academic program for students with high potential has helped many students realize their dreams of attaining a college education and successful career. Enrollment today is over 140 students with a team of more than 50 employees including administrators, teachers, counselors and support staff.

While Westview has historically offered a broad range of academic courses, current courses prepare our students for university level classes. We are proud to share that over 95% of Westview’s graduates matriculate into universities, colleges and community colleges.

We want to assure everyone that the new program will attempt to retain the same vision and structure. Our academically focused, college preparatory curriculum, as well as counseling support and positive behavioral expectations will continue to be important components of the new program. Jackie Strumwasser, Westview School’s Executive Director and many of our administration and staff will be joining The Help Group.

Success in Learning…Learning to Succeed is Westview’s motto. No matter where Westview is located, we will endeavor to provide for each student’s individual success!