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College counseling at Westview follows the school’s overall philosophy of individualized attention and is focused on helping each student succeed by capitalizing on their unique strengths and interests.

The majority of Westview students move onto higher education after graduation – some attend four-year colleges or universities, while others begin at a two-year or community college. In either case, our high school principal works closely with students and their parents to find the best and most appropriate options.

Comprehensive counseling typically begins junior year, and there is a one-on-one meeting with students and parents to explore goals, strengths, interests, and needs. During the year, students tour local college campuses and attend the Greater Los Angeles National College Fair. College admissions representatives also visit the Westview campus. Juniors who are considering four year colleges are encouraged to take the PSAT in October and the SAT and/or ACT in the late spring.

During senior year, students and parents develop a list of colleges and universities and we work with them on the application process – including obtaining recommendation letters and ensuring submissions are done in a timely fashion.

While the student and family ultimately decide the best educational option for them, our staff will make recommendations based on each student’s personal and academic readiness.