What Makes Westview School Unique

% of students are college bound

Meets Students Needs

A variety of different instructional methods are utilized in the classroom. Instruction addresses multiple learning modalities and is tailored to meet each student's unique learning style.

% graduation rate

Prepares Students For the Real World

The vast majority of Westview students matriculate directly to institutions of higher learning after graduation. Some enroll immediately in four-year colleges or universities while others begin their post high school education at a two-year or community college.

% of needs met

Help Students Reach Success

The philosophy of Westview is a simple one, based on the element of success. With the right set of programs and individualized attention, these students enjoy perhaps their first taste of success in school. Since success does wonders for self-esteem, our students are enriched emotionally, as well as, academically.

What Parents are Saying

This school completely changed my daughter’s life, not to mention everyone in her family and all the other people’s lives she touches every day and will touch in the future. She is deaf and was categorized as hopeless and unteachable and stuffed in Special Ed classes by our district on a track that would never allow her to attend college. She was miserable, defiant, and wasn’t challenged or learning much. Two weeks into 9th grade at Westview, her whole life changed. She suddenly had friends, was excited about school (and learning!) and was getting As and Bs. Now she’s heading off to a four-year university and wants to be a teacher. Wow. Thanks Westview!!!

My son is a 7th grader on an IEP and has gone to Westview for almost 2 years now. He is excelling both academically, always has, and socially, where he never has. My son is safe and happy going to school and that has been a great relief to us, his parents, because we did not know that he would have been going to another school. No school is perfect, my older son went to a prestigious public high school and we were very underwhelmed by the school and his matriculation there. At Westview we can say that we have had our expectations meet and exceeded. Westview has done what they said they would do and the staff and administration are attentive to our concerns and needs. If you are looking for an NPS school for your child I and my wife wholeheartedly and enthusiastically recommend Westview.

Westview changed my son’s life. They gave him his self-esteem back, helped him get back on track academically. The teachers and administration REALLY care about their students. You can expect everyone working with your child to be truthful and honest and have your child’s best interest at heart. Westview has taken many of my worries and have just done an amazing job with my son. They have changed his future.

Westview School provides its students with a truly safe, motivating, and positive educational environment. The teaching staff is tremendous! Teachers are highly educated, experienced, and pass their love of learning on to the students. Westview is a supportive academic community, valuing each student as an individual, while creating an atmosphere of cohesiveness.

Westview is a hidden gem on the west side for any student struggling through with learning differences. Small class size, high teacher to student ratio, strong academic standards, great teaching staff, committed administration. My son is an intelligent kid who has had to work through an assortment of learning issues, along with the attendant emotional/social challenges, his whole life.

Westview has been a true blessing for our family. Our daughter entered as an extremely anxious 10th grader, unsure of her unfamiliar surroundings and new environment and stressed out about where/if she would fit in. It couldn’t have been a more perfect fit! Our daughter has matured, blossomed and grown in so many ways at Westview.


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  • 12101 W. Washington Boulevard
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